Pre-Theory of Knowledge is taught in Years 10 and 11, encouraging pupils to develop new ways of thinking, to explore biases, perspectives and to critically analyse facts that are presented to them.

Pupils will look at theories through the ‘Big Question’ concept, which encourages them to have an all-encompassing view of events and to then break this down. Pupils study two core areas as outlined through the World Views network:

Unit 1 Thinkers – This unit allows pupils to explore how individual thinkers, both old and new, have help to mould our world today.

Unit 2 Conflict – A range of international conflicts will be explored in order to allow pupils to delve into the concept that events on a large scale can impact the way we feel, think and understand.  

At the beginning of Year 11, pupils will embark on constructing their own ‘Big Question’, which they will investigate independently before presenting their findings to their peers.

There are currently two members of staff in the Pre-Theory of Knowledge team.



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