Co-Curricular Activities

The broad co-curricular programme offered at St Leonards provides an exciting and engaging range of opportunities to grow and develop passions beyond the classroom. All pupils at St Leonards are encouraged to try new activities, push themselves beyond their comfort zones, and broaden their horizons through the co-curriculum. 

Junior Activities

Pupils are strongly encouraged to choose two or three after-school activities each week to ensure they are developing as a rounded individual. Supervised prep and after-school care are also available until 5.30pm Monday to Friday in place of activities if desired.

Senior Activities 

With over 50 co-curricular activities on offer throughout the year, students can explore a wide array of interests, enriching their educational journey.

Activities are offered both after school and during lunch and break times, to ensure a balanced but busy programme which caters to all interests. 

Discover a new interest, talent or passion for life at St Leonards.

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