Day – School Fees 2024/25
Boarding – School Fees 2024/25
Weekly & Flexi Boarding 
GCSE, CP & DP – Years 10 to 13 
Weekly & Flexi Boarding 
MYP – Years 7 to 9
Weekly & Flexi Boarding 
PYP – Year 6
St Leonards School fees are set annually by the Board of Governors and include curriculum tuition, returnable textbooks, a three-course lunch plus morning snack, after-school activities led by St Leonards staff, full board (meals and accommodation) for boarding students, Learning Support in Years 1-6, plus wrap-around care for day pupil from 8.00am – 5.30pm Monday to Friday.
School fees do not include non-returnable and damaged textbooks, insurance, uniform, trips, examination costs, after-school activities led by external specialists, stationery, school bus service, tuition for some additional languages, Learning Support in Years 7-13.
Please contact us for information about our fees