Queen Mary’s Library

Queen Mary’s Library (QML) is central to teaching and learning in the Senior School, and provides a wide range of resources to support the curriculum, as well as a comfortable space for independent and group study, teaching, revision and reading.

It is staffed throughout the school day by our Librarian, who is available to support and assist with sourcing print and digital resources. Sixth Form students also have access to QML, as the Library is known, for prep in the evenings.

All pupils have access to a dedicated library website featuring citation guidance, reading lists, research tips and more, as well as the library catalogue. 

The building hosts a wealth of fiction and non-fiction texts, as well as support tailored for our curriculum, including the Extended Essay, which is part of the IB Diploma Programme in the Sixth Form.

A Potted History

Queen Mary’s House is the oldest building in the School, dating from the 1520s. Mary Queen of Scots is said to have stayed there during three visits to St Andrews between 1560 and 1565, and the room in which the famous monarch stayed remains on display to this day. Many original features are preserved, including a particularly small wood-panelled box bed. Queen Mary’s bedroom offers a fascinating glimpse into the life of one of Scotland’s most notable characters.

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