This is a comprehensive course in Personal, Social and Health Education and Citizenship. At St Leonards, it is referred to as ‘Ad Vitam’ – For Life. This is the motto of the School and very much embodies the skills which we aim to deliver.



Teaching is delivered by a range of subject teachers throughout Years 7-13, each bringing their own areas of expertise to enrich the curriculum. The IB Learner profile is embedded throughout, and as well as covering national requirements, the course is designed as a vehicle for developing 'Core Skills', which translate to other areas of the curriculum and enhance learning in the full range of subjects.  Each topic is intended to help pupils develop self-awareness, take responsibility for time management, learn to negotiate and co-operate and analyse information.

Personal Education concentrates on developing self knowledge and the ability to manage emotions, make decisions, and manage money etc. In later years, it focuses on important careers guidance.

Health Education units are intended to complement the work on Health Education that is done elsewhere in the curriculum (e.g. Biology). Topics include sex education, nutrition, relaxation, drugs, smoking and alcohol abuse.

Social Education units aim to develop the ability to handle relationships within the family and the wider community. Bullying and Disability Awareness are two high-profile issues.

Citizenship aims to develop knowledge and understanding of the wider world, and to develop the skills that will be required of active citizens. Our rights and responsibilities according to the law are examined, as are the roles of local and national government.

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