The world of Ancient Greece and Rome is rewarding to study in its own right for the wealth of its civilisations, languages and literature. These aspects have all had such a fundamental influence in shaping the world of today – not to mention schools, universities and curriculums.

Intellectually stretching, yet rewarding and fun

The study of Greek and Latin offers an enjoyable and intellectually stretching linguistic training that is of enormous benefit both to the study of modern European languages and to an enhanced awareness, appreciation and understanding of our own. The study of Greek and Roman literature and civilisation provides an illuminating experience and a refreshingly radical reappraisal of our own world and the assumptions on which it appears to be based. It is also great fun. Many of our pupils appear to agree.  Classics is thriving at St Leonards, with Latin offered at Pre-IB, as well as at IB in the Sixth Form, attracting a good number of pupils each year. They go on to study at universities including Oxford and Cambridge, sometimes beyond undergraduate level. 

Our St Leonards Seniors (former pupils) who come back to see us tell us how useful, as well as enjoyable, they have found our subjects, whether they have studied Spanish and Arabic at university or become corporate lawyers after graduating with a Classics degree.

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