We strongly believe in developing the potential of each individual, but we also believe in hard work and high standards, and in stretching the most able pupils to excel.

We pride ourselves on the natural way in which our boys and girls work together. They are typically outgoing, unaffected and willing to tackle new challenges.


Following on from the MYP in Years 7-9, all pupils in Years 10 & 11 study for formal qualifications – GCSEs and IGCSEs. A one-year course (also involving GCSEs and IGCSEs) known as the Pre-IB is also available available as a means of preparation for one of our two Sixth Form pathways: the IB Diploma or the IB Career-related Programme.

In the Sixth Form, all pupils study for either the IB Career-related Programme or the IB Diploma Programme.

Our commitment to the International Baccalaureate curriculum sets us apart - we stand alone as being the first IB continuum school in Scotland and, indeed, the only school in the UK to actively offer all four IB programmes.

The IB: binding the pupils of St Leonards together

Pupils throughout the School, junior and senior, come to know the IB Learner Profile, a set of guiding principles which bind the students, and the staff, of St Leonards together in common purpose. It is very much an articulation of the ethos which runs through the entire school, a series of ideals that inspires, motivates and focuses all that we do as we seek to bring out the best in every pupil.

Enrichment throughout all stages

Throughout the School our pupils are encouraged to make the most of the extensive sport, drama, music and art opportunities that are available, through both regular timetabled classes and the extensive co-curriculum.

Regular Trips and Excursions broaden our pupils’ minds and expose them to new ideas and cultures. Community involvement teaches our pupils about their greater role in society and is fostered via charity fundraising and, for our IB students, through Creativity, Activity and Service.

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International Baccalaureate

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Golf at St Leonards

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150th Open Championship

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