We strive to give our pupils the guidance to not only enjoy successful academic careers but to develop core, all round skills for life as well. The pastoral care which we give our pupils, day and boarding, helps to ensure they achieve their full potential.

one st leonards community

The size of the School, with approximately 600 students on the school roll, ensures each pupil is known and respected as an individual with their own needs, qualities and personalities. All therefore feel safe, secure and well looked after.

There is a distinctive warmth to St Leonards. It is palpable at the first visit and is sustained throughout a family’s time here. Positive values and attitudes are encouraged throughout the School, nurturing self-worth.

Network of support

First and foremost, St Leonards is a welcoming school. Pupils are encouraged to look out for one another and demonstrate the qualities of friendliness, compassion and loyalty.

Each pupil has ready access to a tutor, who supports and oversees his/her personal development. Working closely with their tutors, pupils track their progress and agree targets. Tutors and pupils are further supported by sectional Heads of Year, who liaise with parents. Interim reports are emailed to parents twice a term, before a final end-of-term report.

We are responsive to individuals’ needs, particularly at times of transition whether it be joining the school, choosing subject options, or career and university choices. Key staff work closely together at such times to ensure informed decisions are made.

Pupils in Year 11 and the Sixth Form also receive invaluable careers advice as they begin to think about life after St Leonards.

All Sixth Form pupils, whether day or boarding, are members of one of the School’s three boarding houses, in which they come under the daily, dedicated and professional care of the Housemaster/Housemistress and Resident House Assistants. A caring ear is never far away.

Overseas pupils will also have a UK-based guardian from the point at which they begin their studies until the point at which they leave the School.

All boarding and day pupils belong to a competitive house made up of pupils across the year groups. Each house - named after Scottish islands, Mull, Harris, Lewis and Skye - is associated with a colour, which is worn with pride by its members and associated staff members at inter-house competitions and events. Tremendous camaraderie is fostered by regular house meetings and inter-house competitions, enabling pupils to feel part of a strong team.

In addition, Sixth Form pupils support younger pupils as Prefects and Senior Prefects, as well as the Head Girl, Head Boy and their Deputies.

The School’s experienced Medical Centre staff provide expert care whenever needed and we also have a confidential Independent Listener and a chaplaincy team.

Seamless journey from year 1 to year 13

The Junior and Senior years at St Leonards are closely integrated and, as you would expect in an all-through school, the transition is seamless.

On a practical level our Junior pupils will already be familiar with Senior pupils and members of the Senior teaching staff. That’s because Sixth Form pupils get involved by helping younger children with the likes of language studies, sports coaching and dance, and because the Junior pupils will already have received some lessons from Senior teachers.

In addition, towards the end of their Junior days, pupils in Year 6 spend a full, timetabled week in the Senior section of the school, and stay for a sleepover in one of the boarding houses. It’s great preparation before they take the step up for real.

A self-sustaining environment

The ethos of respect, good behaviour, tolerance and good humour has its own momentum at St Leonards. High expectations for pupils' work, attendance and behaviour are a natural part of the school culture and this supports high quality learning and community wellbeing.

St Leonards is a school that delights in celebrating pupil achievements and enjoying and sharing their successes.

duty of candour

All health and social care services in Scotland have a Duty of Candour. St Leonards School's Duty of Candour Annual Report for 2020-21 can be viewed here: Duty of Candour 2020-21

Visit St Leonards

To arrange a visit to St Leonards, please contact our Admissions Team at registrar@stleonards-fife.org More

Day Bus Service

St Leonards is pleased to offer a home to school day bus service for our families, with routes covering Fife, Tayside and Perthshire. More

Summer Schools

St Leonards offers Summer School Programmes specialising in English language tuition and multi-activities. Booking is now open for Summer 2024. More

Golf at St Leonards

St Leonards offers a leading six-tier Golf Programme, giving pupils every opportunity to grow their game in the home of golf, using top-of-the-range facilities and technology. More