Ollerenshaw is one of our boarding houses for boys. Boys in Ollerenshaw are confident and contributing young men. We want our young men to feel at home in the boarding house; to be safe, comfortable and happy. They support one another and forge good friendships. We believe that this is the foundation of a good boarding house. 

The School is truly international, and in Ollerenshaw we have many nationalities including Scottish, English, German, Russian, Belarusian, Slovakian, Italian, Belgian, Chinese, Hong Kongese, Dutch, Australian, South African, Spanish and French. This makes for a cosmopolitan flavour which is exciting and refreshing.

The young men who live and work together in this beautiful house, surrounded by stunning scenery (we are right across the road from the Cathedral ruins of St Andrews and harbour), enjoy the benefits of living on campus, being able to pop back to the house to study in their study periods and going next door for meals in our award-winning Dining Room.

One new young man in Year 12 said, 'It's like living with lots of brothers!' Boarders have close relationships with day boys who also have use of the house, too.  Day boys have a ‘home’ in school to relax in during breaks or to study in peace and quiet.  Day boys often invite boarders to stay with them for some weekends or attend local events.”