On behalf of the Bishopshall boarding team, and of our girls, may we welcome you to our special house here at St Leonards. Bishopshall reopened in September 2016 after benefitting from a full renovation and refurbishment, as part of an ongoing programme of investment in the boarding provision at St Leonards.

Situated at the centre of St Leonards stunning grounds, Bishopshall is a spacious and comfortable girls' residence. The house provides an environment in which boarders are able to flourish both socially and academically. Our girls are hard working, fun loving and very friendly, and together they help create a welcoming, genuinely homely atmosphere.

Bishopshall is led by Housemistress Mrs Jennifer Murray-Turner, who came to St Leonards in 2019 with her husband, Jamie, who also works in the school, and their son, who is a pupil in the Junior years. Originally from Canada, where she worked as a teacher and school counsellor, Mrs Murray-Turner has a wealth of experience working in boarding, and is a History subject specialist. She and her family enjoy an active lifestyle and love spending time outdoors, which is something they love to share with and encourage in the Bishopshall girls.

The Bishopshall community includes an international mix of boarding and day students and the girls enjoy a strong sense of community spirit. A balance in life is considered very important and ample common room space allows the girls to organise regular social events, like pizza nights, international cooking evenings, games events and movie nights, making it easy to form friendships across the whole pupil body.

Study bedrooms, each with regulated internet access, provide quiet areas for reflection and academic study. In addition, there are study areas in the house, as well as comfortable country house-style drawing rooms, and collaborative study groups have proven to be very popular. Girls here are able to develop as individuals and gain independence in a caring environment which prepares them well for life after school.