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Antarctic adventure

Seniors and recent leavers Harry and Catherine Campbell travelled in their winter holidays to Antarctica, along with their younger brother Alex (Year 13), to explore the amazing continent and observe the unique wildlife that consider such a harsh terrain home.  They achieved this remarkable feat by travelling with the UK Antartic Heritage Trust, an organisation focused on preserving Antarctica and helping to sustain its existence in a world ravaged by climate change.

Harry, Catherine and Alex agreed that the trip was an incredible experience, as they were not only able to see Sea Lions, Elephant Seals and Orcas in their natural habitat but could witness first hand the impact that global warming is having on the world. 

The photo above shows each of the Campbells holding flags to represent their current academic institutions.


Lacrosse and jane claydon on the bbc

Jane Claydon is St Leonards former Deputy Head, Head of Games and APN Housemistress but she is also an expert lacrosse historian which is why when the BBC's 'Celebrity Antiques Roadtrip' came to do a segment on how lacrosse came to Britain, Jane was interviewed by Anita Manning and Kaye Adams.  Jane explaines how lacrosse first came to the UK and how the first game played on British soil was at St Leonards in 1890.

With the help of St Leonards archivist Angela Tawse, the segment also presents many late 19th century pictures from the School's archive including those of St Leonards School grounds and its lacrosse teams.
To view the clip please click here



Three of our recent Leavers Meggie Gibbins, Flora Adam and Georgia McNaughton, decided to face a new challenge this summer and hike Mount Kilimanjaro to fundraise for the charity Dig Deep.  This charity works to give clean drinking water, hygienic toilets and improved sanitation to communities in South West Kenya, and all three of our former pupils believe strongly in supporting sustainable charitable projects.  Flora, Georgia and Meggie managed to climb the mountain together in under a week, taking four days to hike up Kilimanjaro and two days to descend.  As well as completing this fantastic achievement, the three young women also managed to raise £1495 each for Dig Deep.

Georgia, Meggie and Flora are continuing to study at their respective universities this year. 



the red sand project

New York based artist and activist, Molly Gotchman came to speak to our sixth formers about human trafficking and how to raise awareness. Molly's Red Sand Project is an art installation that raises awareness by participants placing bright red sand in paving cracks leading those who see it to question, to connect and to take action against vulnerabilities that can lead t human trafficking and exploitation.  The installation has now taken place in all 50 states and 70 different countries around the world.

   Not only did Molly give a
   fantastic talk educating our 
   sixth formers on the issues
   surrounding human
   exploitation, she also gave
   our students bags of red sand
   to  participate in the Red
   Sand project. 


The Year 13 Geography class even did so in the grounds of QML with the help of Ms Tawse and Ms Pemberton (pictured above).