The International Baccalaureate places great store on its students becoming valued and responsible members of society. St Leonards, and its pupils, recognise that they are part of a wider community beyond the School walls and they seek to contribute to it in a number of ways.

Fund raising 

Fund raising for good causes is a regular occurrence at St Leonards.

Junior School pupils seek to raise money for their chosen charity by staging an annual sponsored fun run in October. In the past four years, the children have raised almost £25,000 for organisations including LEPRA, the Rotary Club Polio Eradication Campaign, CLIC Sergeant and Scotland's Charity Air Ambulance.

Further donations are made via proceeds from the public, annual Christmas Fair, which features contributions from both Junior and Senior pupils.

Senior School pupils are quick to organise events for good causes, again raising thousands of pounds for the likes of Breast Cancer Care, Macmillan Cancer Support, Amnesty International, Maggie’s Centre, Comic Relief, Save the Children and Childreach International.

Volunteering their services

Sixth Form pupils take part in a range of community-based initiatives in order to fulfil the CAS (Creativity, Action, Service) element of their International Baccalaureate studies. In addition, pupils in Year 9 undertake a 'Community Project' as part of the MYP curriculum.

In recent times our students have been involved in taking part in local conservation projects, helping out in charity shops and care homes, and playing a part in civic events such as those for St Andrews Day and Remembrance Day.

Pupils in other year groups regularly take the opportunity to volunteer their services to local organisations too. Aside from providing valuable help to the community, it provides our students with all-round development and an awareness of life outside of school.

St Leonards makes its facilities and music tuition available to members of the public via its Music for All scheme.

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