29.06.18 : Year 7 End of Year Assembly

On Wednesday morning the whole Junior School gathered for the Year 7 Leavers’ Assembly, and as Nadja said so well in the introduction, ‘This is a celebration well…of us really!’ It was a way for the boys and girls to share their thoughts and feelings about moving on from Junior School and a few of their fondest and funniest memories as well.

It was an assembly which took everyone in the audience, but particularly the parents of this special group of children, on an emotional rollercoaster as they watched and listened to the hopes, dreams and memories of Year 7: confusing Mr Davey in Year 5, the boiled egg at Ridgeway, the gang fighting in Year 5, the Year 7 disco in France...as well as some stylish ensemble clapping from the girls, a poem giving away secrets of the Staff Room, individual comments from each child and finally a moving mash-up of music with a violin solo from Charlotte.

Well done Year 7!

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