14.11.17 : Year 4 Visit to Pizza Express

Year 4 enjoyed a brilliant visit to Pizza Express in St Andrews on Tuesday, 14 November, where they learned some fun facts about the restaurant chain and had a chance to get ‘hands on’ with the pizza production process!

Did you know, the St Andrews branch alone gets through around 3000 balls of pizza dough every week? That’s an awful lot of pizza! The children also learned that Pizza Express has around 550 branches across the UK and is expanding overseas to countries including Cyprus, Hong Kong, Singapore and Oman.

After hearing about the secret recipe for the delicious dough (minus the secret ingredient, of course, which was kept well under wraps!), the children donned chefs’ hats and aprons for the main event – making their own pizzas!

Everyone loved creating their own individual margherita pizzas. They spread the passata over the base before adding handfuls of cheese and the final flourish – a sprinkling of oregano!

With their creations baking in the oven, there was even time for a Pizza Express quiz before the pizzas were packed in boxes ready to take back to school to eat. Yum!

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