02.06.15 : 'The Corpse Bride' performed by Years 8-10

‘The Corpse Bride’ performed by students in Years 8-10 was adapted, lovingly, from Tim Burton’s animation ‘Corpse Bride’. The team transcribed the dialogue and improvised parts to make it fit the stage. The musical numbers were led by Mrs Love, who was joined by ex-student, Andrew Scott, on drums to give some rhythm. Mrs Ledger was responsible for direction with much help from cast who also helped hugely with ideas for the choreography.

The ‘look’ of the production fell into the capable hands of Mrs Donald and Mrs Dunsmuir: Mrs Donald created the puppet called  ‘Scraps’ who was obviously the star of the show and Mrs Dunsmuir scoured a multitude of websites and shops to find the perfect costumes and props. Essentially, as ever, this was an ensemble piece that only succeeded because of a fantastic team effort by all.  The production was performed at the Byre Theatre in St Andrews, and delighted audiences for it's three night run. 

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