18.11.16 : Swimming For St Leonards

Nine St Leonards swimmers have qualified to compete in the Fife Schools Swimming Championships on Sunday November 20 at the Michael Woods Sports Centre in Glenrothes.

 Thea Wright (aged 8), Isobel Williams (10) and Milli Arkwright (10), are set to race in the Girls (10 Years and Under) 25 m Backstroke, with Milli also competing in the 25m Butterfly, Thea in the 25m Freestyle and Isobel the 25m Breaststroke.

 Finn Bell (9) and Jack Gettinby-Anderson (10) have qualified to compete in the Boys (10 years and under) Breaststroke and 25m Freestyle.

 In the Girls 100m Breaststroke for 12 years and over are Eve Hewitt (12) and Charlotte Williamson (13), with Charlotte also set to compete in the 200m Backstroke and 100m Butterfly, and Eve in the 200m Breaststroke.

 In the 100m Breaststroke for Boys aged 12 and over, are Davy De Wolf (12), and 15-year-old Rory Miles, who, shoulder-injury permitting, is also in the 100m Freestyle. Davy is also swimming in the 200m Backstroke and the 100m Butterfly.

 Good luck to all our swimmers

Charlotte Williamson’s father, Stuart, said: “It takes a huge amount of dedication and hard work to be a competitive swimmer.  Beyond their school work and school sports, Charlotte and Eve (Hewitt), for example, add four to six swim sessions a week, each lasting two hours and covering up to 5,000m.  Charlotte has a session at 6am each Monday at the Olympic-size 50m pool in Dundee.  We are lucky to have a choice of five 50m pools within a two-hour drive for training and competition - Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen and the ‘National Swimming Academy’ at Stirling University.  There are also short course pools and thriving swim clubs locally in St Andrews and Cupar.”

Swimming starts from the earliest age at St Leonards. In the Junior School, children in Years 1-3 have one and half hours timetabled for swimming, and in Years 4-7 they have a swimming lesson each week in their PE timetable.

In Senior School, pupils in Years 8-10 have a block of swimming timetabled in the mix with their other sports.

In Year 11, the year of GCSE exams, and then during the two-year IB Diploma Programme,  students can opt to swim as part of their games curriculum, or else they can choose swimming as an after-school activity.

Director of St Leonards Sport Clare Muir says: “We are incredibly lucky to have our own 25m pool.  Swimming is a core life-skill and at St Leonards we ensure that all children are prepared for life and confident to participate in water-based activities.

“We support all our swimmers who have the ambition, the commitment and the technical skill to take their sport even further and we are thrilled when they excel at club, county and national level. We can all be proud as a school that we have the facilities and the teachers to give swimmers the opportunity to develop their individual success.”

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