26.06.17 : Staff v Students Football

Last week, Fives Court was the battleground for the staff v students annual football match. Hopeful young men in Years 11 & 12 dared to challenge the experience and reputation of the school staff side in this important game.  A capacity crowd had gathered in the sunshine, supporting the teams with chants and posters! Despite the slight divide in fitness levels, speed and general physique, the Staff team managed to control the game and were victorious 5-0! 

After an equal first quarter between the two teams, Mr ‘Super Mario’ Prisco claimed the hat-trick ball, with two more goals then scored by Mr Robinson and Mr Baxter – the latter making up for kicking the ball out of bounds and over one of the school's medieval walls and down the road to Anstruther, when it seemed easier to score!

Player managers Miller and Ruxton did all they could to get the Students back into the game, but couldn’t galvanise their charges. Friebe and Reider did their level best to knock their opponents out of their stride, but could not deal with wave after wave of flowing, tikka-takka football the staff team were putting on show. When the students team did threaten, it was Kurig who was at the heart of the attack.

All in all, a rather convincing win for the Staff team.  Our students now have a long year ahead of them being remind of this special score by their teachers. As is said at the end of every football season – “There’s always next year”.

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