25.03.15 : St Leonards V Madras Debating Competition

On Monday 23 March, the third annual St Leonards versus Madras debate was held.  After an introduction by Gordon Wowk from the St Andrews Rotary Club, the intermediate team started off the evening debating the motion that individuals with unhealthy lifestyles should receive restricted access to the free NHS Service.

Jack Boag and Ruaridh Angus provided speeches against the motion and James Currie and Jake Walker spoke for the motion.  Points were made about social deprivation, incentives and human rights.  The Madras team won this debate 194 points to 170.

Next was the junior debate: This house believes that internet crazes are good.  Hector Long and Robert Ferguson spoke convincingly for the motion while Joseph Mackie and Miles McClure spoke against speaking of danger and fame.  Very good points were raised and St Leonards won 171 to 165.

The final senior debate Curtis Stiles and Charlotte Leek from St Leonards wanted to give prisoners the vote and Ewan Redpath and Nina Munro of Madras spoke out against.  They discussed human rights very convincingly; Madras were beaten 210 to 189 after a tense finish.  Also to be commended was Jake Walker, Best Speaker for Madras and Curtis Stiles Best Speaker for St Leonards.

After an amazing evening the judges awarded the overall win to St Leonards.

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