03.12.14 : St Leonards’ Shoebox Success
This year St Leonards participated in Samaritan’s Purse Operation Christmas Child scheme, also known as the Shoebox Appeal. The appeal helps children caught up in war, famine, disease or natural disasters to have a smile on their face each Christmas by sending shoeboxes filled with small gifts to them. Since 1990 more than 113 million children in 130 countries have received shoeboxes.

The appeal was organised by Oliver Eve, Tom Cole (pictured) and James Fleming, all currently in IB1.  Parents, pupils and tutor groups were asked to make up a shoebox of small gifts, and to bring them back into school for after the half term break. All shoeboxes were collected on Wednesday 19 November from St Leonards and will be taken to children in time for Christmas.

There was a whopping total of 41 boxes in total - a huge vote of thanks to all who donated a box and to the boys for organising it all.  

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