03.02.16 : St Leonards Senior School Rule

Many congratulations to the St Leonards Senior School Office Bearers who have been selected for 2016/2017. The positions of responsibility were announced at assembly yesterday and the results are in...

Head Boy: Justus Imkampe 
Head Girl: Linsey Scott
Deputy Head Boys: Rory Marston; Anthony White 
Deputy Head Girls: Lucie Galloway; Ines Hayward-Daventry

Senior Prefects: Georgia McNaughton; Julia Colpi-Vance; Ekaterina Nikolaeva; Charlotte Baillie; Victoria Obrador-Urquijo; Olivia Carslaw; Mats Cole; Ilia Sigarev; Tristan Rees; Ben Woolf; Ian Yang; Jack Zhou

Prefects: Flora Adam; Corey Cargill; Sophia Greiml; Brogan Wilson; Alisa Ezhkova; Lucy Saddler; Catherine Bouchard; Kirsty Thomson; Will Dunstan; Bjorn Franke; Jamie Langley; Jean Roussel; Igor Tipaev; Jess Whatmore; Ty Yiu; Sam Osborne

Well done to our new school ambassadors - we look forward to being impressed by your leadership and integrity. The current cohort of Senior Prefects and Prefects, Head Boy and Head Girl will be stepping down from their duties after half-term to enable them to concentrate on their studies and exams. Thank you to them for all their hard work over the course of the school year.

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