05.02.21 : St Leonards Prefects 2021-22

Earlier this week, there was an air of excitement as our new Heads of School and their Deputies were announced, along with the new teams of Prefects and Senior Prefects, in a virtual Headmaster's Assembly. Congratulations to our new team of Office Bearers, who are listed below.

Head Boy: Karajahyah Forbes-Schlagenhauf

Head Girl: Grace Adam 

Deputy Head Girls: Isla Thomson, Aurora Chiaretta

Deputy Head Boys: Zac Kunwar, and Nicolas Paul. 

Senior Prefects: Clova Angus, Francesca Farah, Liselotte de Graaf, Zoe Lay, Nina Okenkova, Natasha Reid, Charles de Bier, Archie clarke, Leo di Cosmo, Martin Dandalov, Klaus Krzok, David de Wolff

Prefects: Fleur Allan, Ciara Cherry, Sophie Cole-Hamilton, Libby Fisher, Beth Gavine, Sakinah Haro, Nicole Johnston, Louisa Lemor, Emma McBarron, Josefine Stueven, Peter Boniface, Tristan Bruce, Balthasar Forssman-Trevedy, Ferdinand Kuelps, Archie Lindsay, Fynn Loewe, Florian Siefke, Nico Swales, Samuel Thompson, Diederik Zoetmulder

Since we were unable to take the iconic photograph of our new Office Bearers on the QML steps, we had to embrace a celebratory Google Meet and screenshot - we look forward to taking a more official photograph in due course! 

Many thanks to our outgoing team of Prefects and Senior Prefects who have been fantastic leaders and role models over the past year.

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