09.10.18 : St Leonards Celebrates Scholarship Achievements

St Leonards has recognised excellence across a wide range of areas with the presentation of the School’s annual scholarship awards. The new scholars were announced at a special assembly on Tuesday, 9 October, with awards for outstanding achievements in music, drama, art, sport, golf and academic study.

Congratulations to the following pupils, who received scholarships for the 2018-2019 academic year:


Eilidh Jarrett, Esme MacMillan-Doran (Year 8); Iona Turner, Christopher Barker, Evie Rhodes (Year 9); Emma McBarron (Year 10); Lucy Tabberer (Year 11)


Angus Graham, Sophie Clarke (Year 8); Cameron Adams (Year 9); Clova Angus, Davy Whatmore (Year 10); Catherine Fleming (Year 11); Andrew Fleming (Year 12); Evie Hayward-Daventry (Year 13)


Beth Purvis, Cole Tooman (Year 9); David De Wolff, Zac Kunwar (Year 10); Kit McCarthy (Year 12); Tom McBarron (Year 13)


Helena Oldroyd (Year 11)


Ole Specht (Year 12); Karla Klostermann, Tom Goniwiecha, Aidan Sutton (Year 13)


Eilidh Jarrett, Mark Doherty, Charlotte McFadyen, Nicholas Muller (Year 8); Niamh Headon (Year 9); Martin Dandalov (Year 10; Ellen Caton, Emma Rubidge, Lauren Denton, Francesca Livesey-Stephens, Jamie Robertson, Georgie Robertson (Year 12); Joshua Shenoy, Calum McKinney (Year 13).

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