11.11.17 : St Andrews University Debating Competition

Seven St Leonards debaters (plus supporters) embarked on the challenge of the annual St Andrews University Debating Competition on Saturday, 11 November.

Jack Boag, Cyrus Lukaszewski, Ruaridh Angus and Robert Ferguson formed two teams, with three new members of the school’s Debating Society – Anastasia Belkina, Alisa Diakova and Sarah Barclay – acting as wing judges.

Topics ranged from religious schools to compulsory voting, and the suggestion that high school children should be allowed to vote on their own curriculum. All debated from dawn ‘til dusk and much was learned.

The event marked the end of an era for Jack (Year 13), for whom it was the last schools’ competition.

Well done to the Debating Society for a super effort!

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