22.09.15 : Some fishy goings on in Year 2!

Our boys and girls in Year 2 have been extremely busy with their current Unit of Inquiry which is ‘the types of jobs that people do in our community all require various skills and knowledge’.

One of the jobs they’ve been particularly focusing on is that of a Fisherman. Last week the Year 2’s kicked off their investigations at the Scottish Fisheries Museum in Anstruther. They were given a tour of the museum, with lots of stops along the way to take part in interactive activities trying out various sorts of fishing technologies.   The boys and girls also took part in a workshop where they ‘fished’ for magnets, beads and sequins using sma-line, drift-netting and trawling techniques - the more up-to-date trawling technology produced the greatest yield. This helped the Year 2’s understand more about the wider issue of the impact of technological changes in different types of work over time.

To follow up on their trip to the Scottish Fisheries Museum, our Year 2 class visited the St Leonards dining room where they had the opportunity to look at and touch a variety of fish and shellfish.  Laura Paterson, our catering manager explained how the fish were caught and how they made their way from the sea to the St Leonards dining hall.  The children were pleased to learn that the fish they eat at school is sustainable fish, as they have been learning about good and bad fishing methods in class and the importance of eating sustainably caught fish.

The children were then given pieces of plaice to prepare; they had to dust it with flour, dip it in egg and cover it with breadcrumbs. It was messy work but great fun! The plaice was then taken to the kitchen where the children watched their fish being cooked and once it had cooled everyone got to eat their plaice goujons - delicious.

Year 2 were then on the road again to visit local restaurant The Adamson.  The boys and girls enjoyed a wonderful morning watching their Head Chef fillet a mackerel and they were even able to hold lobsters and crabs – all fingers and thumbs came back intact! A representative from Cromars fish and chip shop told the children more about fishing in Scotland and the highlight of their trip was scrumptious fish and chips for lunch kindly provided by The Adamson.

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