02.06.20 : Skill Sharing Network

St Leonards Connected, our online school, has now been up and running for two months with pupils joining virtual lessons and extracurricular activities from all over the world.

Over the past few weeks, a team of twenty-seven Year 12 and Year 13 students have been on hand to share their expertise and knowledge with younger pupils as part of the Skill Sharing network. The sessions offered as part of the initiative take different forms, ranging from pre-recorded tutorial videos to video calls in which Sixth
Form students help younger pupils tackle difficult concepts and questions.

This initiative has been entirely pupil-led from conception to execution, and encapsulates the spirit of St Leonards: older and younger pupils working together to support one another.

Many thanks to Johanna Woitke (Year 13),  Alex Call (Year 13), and Keyuri Ade (Year 12) for their hard work and commitment which ensured that the Skill Sharing Network got off to such a good start. We look forward to seeing how the Skill Sharing Network will evolve and develop over the coming months.

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