09.11.17 : Scottish Prep Schools Rugby

Year 9 students Archie Clarke and Robbie Logan have been selected for the Scottish Prep Schools XV squad, with Archie joining the line-up for the second consecutive year.

Both boys currently play for the WOSPS (West of Scotland Prep Schools), alongside fellow St Leonards player Tristan Bruce.

The WOSPS recently came up against the Dandylions (East of Scotland Prep Schools) at Craigclowan in what is always an exciting and competitive match. Both teams played well and were bolstered by a strong set of supporters, with the game going to the Dandylions at the final whistle.

Congratulations to Archie and Robbie on their SPS selection success! We wish the squad the best of luck for their match against Edinburgh at Melrose on Sunday, 19 November.

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