09.02.23 : Pupil Leaders Appointed 2023-24

We are delighted to announce the appointment of our new Pupil Leadership Team at St Leonards, for 2023-24. Led by our new Heads of School, Maddy Wallard and Jamie Pennycook, the Year 12 students will take up their positions after the February Half Term break.

Maddy and Jamie will be supported by our Deputy Heads of School: Sophie Clarke, Samuel Zhai, James Bruins and Eva Smeddle. 

In addition to our Heads and Deputies, the following Sixth Form students have been appointed to new roles in pupil leadership, allowing for areas of responsibility spanning all corners of school life. The full list is published below.

  • Heads of School: Maddy W & Jamie P
  • Deputy Heads of School: Samuel Z, James B, Eva S & Sophie C
  • Heads of House: Ines P O & Julian L
  • Island Leaders: Martim B, Maddy G, Katie A, Millie L, Hector L, Honor F, Katie D & Will J
  • Junior School Liaison: Anna P, Brianna S, Julie v B & Hudson H
  • School Events & Socials: Ailsa W, Costanza FSG, Louisa S
  • Community Outreach: Natalja B, Will C & Andrew B

Pupil Council Leaders: Grace B & Timofey M (Catering), Michael S, Poppy P & Theo S (Health & Safety), Mark D, Moksh TM, Alexander N (School Rules & Policies), Charlotte M, Jaroslav K, Madeleine M (Wellbeing), Will C, Andrew B (Co-curriculum), Ismini MD, Cornelia K & Maddalena V (DEI), Sam C, Esme MD & Lara K (Teaching & Learning).

Huge congratulations to all those newly appointed to the Pupil Leadership Team at St Leonards, and thanks to our outgoing team, ably led by Pablo Gomez-Martin and Niamh Headon.

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