21.11.17 : National Recognition for Physics Video

Year 12 student Lily’s video project on atomic clocks won first prize in Birmingham University’s Quantum Technology video competition earlier this month. She travelled down to Birmingham on Thursday, 16 November, where she was presented with the award for her physics film submission.

As part of her research, Lily read up about a man called John Harrison who made the first naval clock in 1736 which could tell the time out at sea. His story put Lily’s research in context as she has been looking at how time-keeping has changed since then.

Lily, who hopes to study Medicine when she graduates from the IB Diploma Programme at St Leonards, has been inspired by the mathematical elements of her video submission to look at the possibility of exploring a similar theme for her Year 13 IB Maths project. This would look at the angles of the stars and how you can find your location out at sea based on the night sky.

Congratulations to Lily for receiving national recognition for her work!

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