11.01.16 : Paramedic Heroes

Flash back sirens to the last Thursday of autumn term.  Year 3 were lucky enough to have a visit from pupil  Euan Eastons’ ‘Auntie Gale’ .  She came to the Junior School to talk to the class about her job as a paramedic and taught our girls and boys about different medical emergencies and the best practice to adopt if ever in a similar situation.  She showed some of the equipment used and even took the class outside to have a look at the ambulance and all of its gadgets.

This special and interesting  visit linked in with our recent unit of inquiry: 'Our choice of heroes and role models reflect our beliefs, both as individuals and as a society’. Year 3 had been exploring positive role models within today's society and this was a perfect example.  Thank you Gale for an informative session!

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