After GCSEs/IGCSEs, we offer the world-leading International Baccalaureate (IB), a global alternative to Scottish Highers and English A Levels. Our students leave St Leonards not with merely an exam certificate, but with an internationally recognised qualification for life.

We are a school with learning at our heart, both inside the classroom and out. In addition to the remarkable resources here at St Leonards, we are privileged to have close links with St Andrews University. We think St Leonards offers unrivalled opportunities for sport, music, drama and art, and we have a large programme of co-curricular activities.

The curriculum at St Leonards is underpinned by well-established values that permeate the school from start to finish, from the youngest pupil to the oldest. Our leavers go on to leading universities and careers throughout Scotland, the United Kingdom, the World.

I invite you to visit us, whether you are interested in boarding or a day place. When you cross the St Leonards threshold you find a unique and vibrant institution, a place where you learn for life – and, of course, make friends for life. I look forward to sharing with you the world that is St Leonards.

Dr Michael Carslaw BSc, MBA, PhD
Headmaster of St Leonards School