St Leonards boasts one of the most impressive campuses in Scotland, an expansive piece of land incorporating historic landmarks, purpose-built facilities, vast green spaces and magnificent views of the sea and surrounding town and countryside.

The campus - in the heart of St Andrews - is bound by medieval walls which once marked the perimeter of the ancient town, providing our pupils with a safe and serene environment in which to learn.  Lessons for Years 1-6 take place in their own section of the campus, which incorporates a state-of-the-art building, completed in 2013, as part of a £2.5m redevelopment. The Senior years are housed in a series of architecturally impressive buildings and modern additions, in close proximity to our recently refurbished boarding accommodation. Lush grass playing fields lie in the centre of the campus.  

The grounds have been a place of education since the 16th century and today the campus boasts a number of buildings of historical significance. A prime example is Queen Mary's Library, where Mary Queen of Scots is said to have stayed during her visits St Andrews. Her bedroom is on display within what is now the well-stocked school library. The school playing fields and gardens are also steeped in history. In 1894 the famous golfer Old Tom Morris laid out a short golf course on the grounds, which was used until 1899. In addition, the Head lives in the house that once belonged to Sir David Brewster, inventor of the kaleidoscope.

Pupils at St Leonards are blessed with views that may well be unrivalled by any school within the UK. On one side they can look out to St Andrews Bay and the North Sea beyond, whilst on the other they look towards the majestic ruins of St Andrews Cathedral. Boarding pupils benefit from enhanced views of these aspects from their accommodation.

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Day Bus Service

St Leonards is pleased to offer a home to school day bus service for our families, with routes covering Fife, Tayside and Perthshire. More

Summer Schools

St Leonards offers Summer School Programmes specialising in English language tuition and multi-activities. Booking is now open for Summer 2024. More

Golf at St Leonards

St Leonards offers a leading six-tier Golf Programme, giving pupils every opportunity to grow their game in the home of golf, using top-of-the-range facilities and technology. More