22.02.16 : My Fair Lady - The Show Must Go On

The Drama Department did it again.  The Senior School production of My Fair Lady was a roaring success with every performance sold-out.  Thank you to everyone who came to see the show, the PA for providing delicious refreshments during the intervals and especially to Mrs Ledger and Mrs Love for entertaining us once again with an epic production and a talented cast.  You wouldn't have known it, but with less than two weeks to go until the curtains were raised, it was uncertain as to whether the cast and crew would be allowed to stage the show at all, due to its performing licence being withdrawn in the UK.  Thanks to Mrs Ledger and ‘a little help from her friends’, special permission from New York City was sought and granted for St Leonards to perform it for one week only - we really did ‘steal the show’!  Roll on next year...this production will be a hard one to beat!

Cast List :‪

Eliza Doolittle                                               Olivia Carslaw & Ines Hayward Daventry 

Professor Higgins                                       Jess Whatmore

Colonel Pickering                                       Philip Decu

Alfred Doolittle                                           Jack Boag

Freddy Eynsford-Hill                               Padraic Riddle

Bartender (George)                                  Ilia Sigarev

Harry                                                                 Ian Yang

Jamie                                                                 Jack Zhou

Mrs Pearce                                                    Emilie Rapport Munro

Parlour Maid                                                Abby Oakey

Mrs Higgins                                                  Jasmine Bossley

Zoltan Karpathy                                        Ilia Sigarev

Mrs Eynsford-Hill                                     Lara Hickson

Mrs Hopkins                                                Ilona Maclean


Ana Alfaro Latorre, Charlotte Baillie, Elizabeth Crockatt, Amber Cunningham-Rogan, Ruth Eumann, Lara Hickson, Sheenie Hung, Antonia MacColl, Ilona Maclean, Flora Macrae, Samira Manferdini, Ekaterina Nikolaeva, Ilia Sigarev, Ian Yang, Jack Zhou

Production Team                                                                                    

Mick Kitson, Nickie Ledger, Fiona Love


Robin Bell (Piano), Fiona Love (Clavinova), Rory Marston (Drums), Paul Shiells (Bass guitar)

Costume                                                           Liz Dunsmuir, Annabelle Bossard

Stage Manager(s)                                        Dara Odunubi, Elena Chudesnova

Lighting                                                             Alex Eccles, Justus Imkampe

Sound                                                                 Alice Rundle

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