26.02.21 : Life in Lockdown - Winners Revealed

At the start of Spring Term, we launched a creative challenge entitled  ‘Life in Lockdown’. Pupils and staff were invited to share their reflections using a medium of their choice, whether that be musical composition, poetry, prose, photography. We were delighted to receive submissions from over 70 members of our school community, and so selecting our winners was certainly not an easy process! Many congratulations to our winners, who are listed below: 

Years 1-6 winner - Ewan Wilson, for his poem 'Free as a Bird', which conveyed a lovely balance between hope, anguish, and resilience through an effective use of imagery.

Years 7-9 winner - Zachary Sewell, for his thought-provoking composition 'Reflection in G Minor for Violin and Piano', which was a really original interpretation of the fluctuating emotions and turbulence that we have all experienced in lockdown.

Years 10-11 winner - Nate Tyler, for his poem 'Lockdown' which touched on many of the collective memories that we will all take away from lockdown, from wearing facemasks to a sudden national enthusiasm for exercise and baking.

Years 12-13 winner - David Cai, for his truly stunning set of photographs which focus on interpersonal interactions on the streets of China in the early phase of the pandemic.

Staff and parent winner - Lisa Donald, for her beautiful set of landscape photographs which captured the beauty and grandeur of the Fife countryside, and also the simple pleasure of being immersed in and appreciating nature.

The overall winner was David Cai,  whose series of photographs is copied belowThe judges remarked that the "heightened use of colour and tone in his photographs emphasise the intimacy of the interpersonal interactions, whilst the composition of the photographs draw attention to the isolation and separation that the subjects are facing."

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