27.11.16 : Leadership at St Leonards

St Leonards students have been reflecting on their prestigious Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA). 

Seventeen-year-olds Lucie Galloway, from Auchtermuchty, and Georgia McNaughton, from Carnoustie, were sponsored by the St Andrews Rotary Club to go on a week-long outward bound leadership course in the summer. Corey Cargill, from St Andrews, was sponsored by St Andrews Kilrymont Rotary Club, while Flora Adam from Newbigging, Angus, was sponsored by North Fife Rotary Club to go on the course.

Lucie said: "I had been inspired to apply for a place on RYLA after listening at our school assembly to the experiences of two previous students from St Leonards. I was  invited for an interview and asked questions such as 'What was one moment in your life that made you a stronger leader?'  I was delighted when I was selected for a week-long course of activities including Kayaking, Hill Walking, Outdoor Rock Climbing, Mountain Biking and many more!”

“Take a risk, darling!”

Lucie and Georgia were invited to give a presentation to St Andrews Rotary Club about the experience. They said that as a result of the course the phrase 'Take A Risk, Darling' would forever be imprinted on their minds. Said Lucie: "We were in the all-female camp (the boys’ one was a week later) and every morning before activities we attended a talk given to us by influential women who told us their stories and inspired us to take risks, because you never know what might happen! They spoke of female empowerment and one of the talks was along the lines of 'What it is like to be a woman in a man's world.' "

Georgia said: “We were motivated to try things we would never have thought possible. I loved the feeling of success after I had participated as the group leader: I led the raft building activity and managed, with the help of my team members, to keep the raft afloat!” 

 Flora Adam, from Newbigging, Angus, said: “Before attending the camp I would back away from leadership roles because I did not want to come across as loud or bossy. Throughout the week we were taught about different approaches to leading a team  and I realised that even people like me, who tend to be quieter, have the potential to be effective leaders too.”

 Corey Cargill, from St Andrews, said of her experience: “I had an amazing time at RYLA and over the week I felt my confidence flourish. I overcame many emotional and physical challenges and learned how to lead and work in a group. RYLA was invaluable for improving my decisiveness, assertiveness and team-working skills.”


For details about RYLA 2017:  http://www.rotary-ribi.org/clubs/page.php?PgID=257210&ClubID=1812

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