28.02.20 : Year 6 receive their John Muir Award certificates

Year 6 were presented with their John Muir Award certificates this week. This is the second time that a cohort of St Leonards pupils has completed the Award. The Award is run by the John Muir Trust, which seeks to encourage individuals to connect with, enjoy, and care for wild places. 

The idea is that each individual chooses a place that they are interested in, either somewhere new, or somewhere they would like to know better. From there, each participant learns more about the area - for example, who uses it and what challenges it faces. The third step requires action in the form of conservation. This is an important level as it really requires the children to ask what they can do, and how their actions can make an impact. This can be done in a variety of ways: litter picking, surveys, sharing information about the area, or actually gettings one's hands dirty by planting trees or maintaining pathways. Lastly, each participant must share what they have done and what they have learnt from their experiences.

Many congratulations to the Year 6 pupils for completing these challenges during their time away at Loch Eil.

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