09.10.17 : James Gregory Lecture Series

This week, students in Years 9 and 12 were challenged to think about science and religion in an engaging lecture from visiting speaker Professor Elaine Howard Ecklund, from the James Gregory lecture series.

Professor Ecklund encouraged lively discussion and debate by posing four questions to the students, who considered the difference between science and art, whether scientists believe in God and whether science and religion can ever work together.

The topics provoked a range of answers, with some groups even producing illustrations of how they envisaged a “typical” scientist – cue white lab coats, safety glasses and bubbling test tubes!

Professor Ecklund, who is Herbert S. Autrey Chair in Social Sciences and Director of the Religion and Public Life program at Rice University, Houston, delivered the lecture - entitled 'What do scientists think about religion?' - in the auditorium at St Leonards before addressing members of the public at the University of St Andrews.

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