06.03.15 : It’s a Wide World at St Leonards!

Brightly coloured flags floated from students’ shoulders, smiling cheeks also sported cheerfully face-painted flags and various forms of national dress were worn throughout lessons on St Leonards’ International Day, Friday, 27 February. That evening, groups of students from each country prepared traditional dishes and information about their cultures, serving them up to the School community for donations towards their chosen charity.

International Day flag and facepaintDutch clogs, Chinese hats, Breton tops from France, Scottish kilts and American basketball jerseys were just some of the outfits worn by the diverse international student body at St Leonards. Guests at the International Night held in the School Hall were treated to dumplings and spring rolls from China, Dutch cheeses, Italian salad and salami and Russian blini with sour cream, along with delicacies from Germany, Australia, Slovakia, Ukraine and Poland. Scottish students even created a seasonal twist on an infamous dish, offering their guests deep-fried Creme Eggs!

International Day flag and facepaintThis is the second year that International Day has been held at St Leonards, lead by Head of Sixth Form, Mrs Karen Wowk and her helpful team of students. All the funds raised on the day will go towards benefiting children at a Sri Lankan orphanage with links to a Sixth Form parent from the Netherlands.

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