05.02.20 : Introducing our Prefect and Senior Prefect Teams for 2020-21

The Headmaster, Dr Carslaw, announced the Prefect and Senior Prefect Teams for 2020-21 in a Senior School and Sixth Form Assembly at the beginning of February. These appointments followed a selection process, which involved both written applications and interviews. It is a real honour to be chosen for one of these leadership roles at St Leonards. Accordingly, pupils and staff gave the new Prefects and Senior Prefects a hearty round of applause as they walked across the stage in the School Hall to shake the Headmaster’s hand and receive their Prefect badges.

Many congratulations to the following pupils:

Head Girl - Lauren Hastie

Head Boy - Valentin Trenkwalder

Deputy Head Girls - Ishwari Ade and Rebecca Capra

Deputy Head Boys - Duncan Bouchard and Julian Shenov

Senior Prefects - Rosie Banks, Catherine Fleming, Zina Gharakhani, Ka Wai Lau, Phoebe Liang, Hannah Wood, Laurence Broekhof, Freddie Clarke, Klaus Krzok, Alfie Love, Rudy Newton, Guo Heng Zhang

Prefects - Emma Duckworth, Helena Oldroyd, Jing Shu Ruan, Lucy Tabberer, Ella Vincent, Emma Ylitalo, Alexandra Zaychenko, Maya Zillikens, JR Boos, Angus Driscoll, Oscar Ferguson, Egor Frolov, Auryn Hawdon, Ferdinand Loeffler, Alex Long, Hugo Mueller, Liam Saintraint 

The new team of Prefects and Senior Prefects will have a short handover period, and then will assume their duties proper in both the Junior School and Senior School after Half Term. Each Prefect will be allocated a form from Year 1 to Year 11, and will also work closely with the Headmaster and other members of staff in their new roles.

Dr Carslaw also thanked the outgoing office bearers for their leadership and efforts over the past year, and wished them all the best in their forthcoming Diploma and BTEC exams.  


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