21.10.19 : Harvest Assembly and Storehouse Donations

As part of their current Unit of Inquiry on ‘Rights and Responsibilities’, the Year 5 students took action by helping at the local food bank, Storehouse St Andrews. During the unit, the pupils learned about the difference between wants and needs. They discovered that some people in Scotland do not have their basic human needs met and focused on ways in which society is helping these people. They researched food banks and how they help to meet basic human needs.

Year 5 then began a campaign: to gather as many items as they could for the food bank. They created posters and presented their campaign at Harvest Assembly, explaining to the rest of the school what food banks are, who might use them and what items are good to donate. Year 5 started a week-long challenge. Whichever House gathered the most items, won. We are delighted to announce that the winning house was...Lewis, with a breath-taking 324 items!

The Year 5 pupils would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every person who donated to the food drive. In total, St Leonards families donated more than 760 items. That is a huge amount and, as a result, we have been able to help so many families in St Andrews.

The students then walked to the Storehouse, where Scott, one of the volunteers, gave pupils more information and data about the organisation. They then split into two groups, with one group sorting onto the shelves and the other packing bags to give to people in need. They all did a fantastic job by taking responsibility and showing dedication and enthusiasm. Well done Year 5!


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