16.09.22 : Group 4 Action Day

Year 12 had a fantastic time during their Group 4 Action Day as part of their IB programme.

The challenge this year was as follows: Build a machine to get a metal ball to drop into a cup after a delay of 30 seconds. You may not touch the machine once started. 

The creative juices were flowing as a range of interesting materials were used to meet the criteria, including Lego, Jenga blocks, Plasticine, Dominoes, Scalextric and much more.  

The students were marked on four key areas: Accuracy, Teamwork, Elaboration, Innovation. The winning teams of each category were awarded with vouchers for a free scoop of ice cream from Jannettas Gelateria.

Well done to the winning teams - it was a pleasure to see the pupils’ ideas come together, remaining highly motivated throughout.

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