11.05.20 : Den Building Challenge

At St Leonards, we recognise that time spent in the great outdoors is immensely beneficial for the wellbeing, development, and progress of our children. Outdoor learning — be that Beach School, bushcraft or gardening — is therefore at the heart of our curriculum. Last week, we encouraged our pupils to step away from their screens, to get outside, and build a creative and innovative den. The results were fantastic — there were dens in closets, bedrooms, lounges, gardens, woodlands, boats as well as under trees with fairy lights and blankets!

Special mention must go to the two winners of the challenge: Ting who built an unusual and creative 'Geo Den' which required perseverance and dedication to cut out and slot together 49 pieces of cardboard, and Lois who built a cosy den (pictured) covered in lots of leaves, and kitted out with lanterns, cushions, and blankets!

Many congratulations to all the pupils who took part. The pupils can't wait for their next outdoor learning challenge - watch this space!

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