18.11.21 : Conference of Parties 2021

This week, world leaders and delegates (otherwise known as teachers and pupils!) gathered in St Katharines Hall for COP21, the inaugural St Leonards Conference of Parties 2021. The aim of the conference was to persuade the world's leaders that action must be taken to share the Earth's resources more equitably.

The Year 6 delegates each represented different resources (such as water, food, land, wood, metals, energy, and medicine), and prepared speeches and presentations that called upon world leaders to work together to ensure that everyone has access to the resources that they need for a decent quality of life. The delegates worked hard to persuade the world leaders to take action by explaining the actions that they would like the Prime Ministers and Presidents across the globe to take to resolve the issues. The Year 4 and Year 5 pupils also joined the conference, and posed lots of excellent questions to the delegates.

It really was a fantastic conference - well done to all involved.

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