29.02.16 : Chinese New Year Celebrations

Our teachers and students recently celebrated Chinese New Year in the Central Dining Room.  As well as a glorious feast, the evening event included an enjoyable presentation about the Year of the Monkey, excellent performances by our Chinese students and a themed raffle.

The festivities were run by our Chinese students and involved a lot of planning, dividing up the different roles within the group to ensure it was a seamless event for the school.  They were in charge of everything from collecting the authentic gifts for the raffle, choosing the menu, organising the programme of performers, decorating the venue and of course selling the tickets and promoting it around the school!  Chinese New Year at St Leonards was a great success and teachers and students have been talking about it ever since.  A feeling of Happy New Year, mixed with roll on next year!  

Well done to our Sixth Form students for delivering an excellent event.


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