08.04.15 : Chinese New Year at St Leonards

Chinese New Year was celebrated in some style at St Leonards, below is a summary of events written by the students who organised it:

In St Leonards School we have a Chinese New Year Celebration every year. We are three Chinese students who started our planning for whole event in December 2014. We planned to have a small performance on the day, to invite everyone from the School to join our Chinese supper and do a lottery draw.

When we were back in China during Christmas break, we went around our city to buy 40 different prizes for the use of lottery draw. Meanwhile we prepared 280 raffle tickets, along with Chinese lucky knots in them. We divide all the things we had and we three carried all of them back to the UK.

As soon as we were back, we began to do advertising and contacting relevant school staff to help. Again we gave everyone different roles, which ensured that we could work collaboratively and efficiently. I was responsible for borrowing equipment, setting up the whole scene and getting three vouchers from three popular restaurants in St Andrews.

In the late February, we had almost done all the preparations. We went to art department to make a red box for lottery draw, print out posters and put on around the school. We practiced our shows in the evening after prep time.

On 6th March, we decorated the Dining Room with all the decorations we brought from China and set out a stage in the right hand side. I had never done so many things in such a short time, and I developed a skill of managing massive things well.

Finally it was the date of the Celebration of Chinese New Year of Sheep on March 6th even though it was two weeks later than the actual first day of the New Year, it was such a great success that we had about 250 visitors to join our celebration.

Our performance was wonderful, the visitors really enjoyed it. Then at last we had the lottery draw! We gave out all 76 prizes and they were extremely joyful when their raffle tickets were picked! I really enjoyed seeing their reactions to my chosen tickets when I was on the stage. Everyone left in a happy mood, and we received many good comments on our celebration, saying that this was the best one ever they had seen in St Leonards!

We appreciate the chance to organise such a big event so much. As Chinese, I always feel good when I am representing my country. I will remember this experience forever.

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