08.05.18 : Bushcraft Club Launched for Summer Term

The first meeting of the St Leonards Junior School Bushcraft Club took place on Tuesday, 24 April, with children in Years 4-7 gathering around the fire pit to learn about the basics of bushcraft.

Through a range of fun and practical outdoor activities, the children will develop an enhanced connection with nature, as well as build confidence and resilience.

Led by Mr Barrable, Bushcraft Club will teach the boys and girls how to build and set up shelters, light fires using a variety of materials, and prepare and cook food over a fire. The group will also learn how to use hand tools safely, and have a go at simple orienteering.

With a goal of camping out in the school grounds later this term to work towards, each meeting of the club will prepare the children for a night outdoors, during which they will prepare their own dinner and breakfast before breaking up camp in time for school the next morning.

Here’s to a busy term of bushcraft!

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