25.01.17 : Burns Night 2017

This week, our assemblies have been dedicated to Scotland's national poet.

The Junior School (staff members included) adorned their best kilts, sashes and tartan ties to celebrate the life and works of Robert Burns.  Our boys and girls spoke about some of the family tartan on display, and and Mr Goldsmith even shared the story of when he became a proud owner of his first kilt.  The children learned how to address a haggis, what is actually IN a haggis, and finished with a mighty rendition of Auld Lang Syne! 

Year 4 were asked what they took away from our special Burns assembly:

  • I was asked what was in my sporran, I carry water! Joe
  • We wore kilts, tartan ties and tartan trousers – Charlie
  • There was a man who wrote so many poems in his life, Robert (Rabbie) Burns. - Maya and Alanya
  • Some children were wearing their family tartan and they told us about it. – Rachel
  • On Burns Night some of us had haggis, I didn’t! – Logan
  • Mr Goldsmith’s kilt isn’t his family tartan, his wife bought it for him – Rachel
  • We sang ‘Auld Lang Syne’ – Maya

As a result of The Burns Night assembly being a huge hit, Junior School pupils think we ought to have a pupil piper or drummer outside to welcome their peers and parents, making the school morning drop off that little bit more energetic and exciting! Applications welcome!

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