05.03.21 : Book Week 2021

Book Week 2021 was a wonderful celebration of reading and literature.

Pupils and staff enjoyed sharing and reading stories in a plethora of different locations, both at home and at school. The pupils cosied up and read around the wood burning stove in the yurt, wrapped up warm and read stories on the beach, and also enjoyed soaking up the sunshine whilst reading on St Katharines Green.  There were also audio recordings of stories (kindly provided by our Head Boy, Head Girl, House Captains and Vice Captains) and live book readings, given by the teachers, for the pupils to enjoy.

In addition, as has become tradition, pupils and staff donned an amazing array of character costumes to celebrate World Book Day - from Saucepan Man to the Worrysaurus, Alice in Wonderland to Mary Poppins, and everything else in-between. Particular mention must go to the pupils in Years 4-13 who dressed up for their Google Meets, and also the enthusiasm of the teachers in the Key Worker Hub who joined in the fun! Pupils and staff were encouraged to give a small sum to support the work of Book Aid International, which seeks to widen access to books across the globe.

Building upon the success of last year's Read-A-Thon competition, the Junior pupils logged their minutes of reading throughout the week as part of an Inter-House Competition.  We look forward to announcing the grand total in the coming weeks.

We look forward to organising more events over the coming weeks and months to help our pupils grow in their love of literature! 

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