28.11.17 : An Afternoon of Experiments

The lucky boys and girls in Year 4 enjoyed an afternoon of Chemistry experiments this week, thanks to a visit from Junior School parent Dr Martin Hanton, who works in the petrochemical manufacturing industry.

After learning all about the different properties of solids, liquids and gases (and asking lots and lots of questions!), the children headed through to St Katharines Hall, which had been transformed into a science lab for the day!

Much to their excitement, Dr Hanton had brought along a big tub of dry ice! Safely kitted out in gloves and safety specs and armed with pairs of tongs, the children were allowed to carefully drop pellets of dry ice into tall tubes of hot and cold water before adding a squeeze of 'magical bubble liquid'. The results were amazing, with shiny white bubbles pouring dramatically over the top of the containers and cascading down onto the tables!

The grand finale saw everyone move outside and onto the grass outside the Junior School, where the leftover 'bubble liquid', water and dry ice were all combined to produce a spectacular foaming mountain on the lawn!

A big thank you to Dr Hanton for visiting Year 4 and for putting on such an exciting series of hands-on experiments.

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