07.05.19 : ABRSM Awards Presented

Music certificates for instrumental and vocal and theory exams were presented by the Headmaster, Dr Carslaw, to pupils across the grades.

Congratulations to the following students on an outstanding set of results: Nicholas Muller (Year 8), Grade 5 Theory with Merit; Eilidh Jarrett (Year 8) Grade 4 Violin with Merit; Helena Flynn (Year 8), Grade 3 Violin; Eva Smeddle (Year 8), Grade 4 Singing with Merit; Edward Clement (Year 8), Grade 2 Piano with Merit; Ben Clark (Year 9), Grade 5 Theory with Merit; Jenny Lee (Year 9), Grade 3 Piano with Distinction; Lucinda Rathbone-Tulleth (Year 9), Grade 1 Piano with Merit; Lexie McGregor (Year 9), Grade 3 Flute with Merit; Beth Purvis (Year 9), Grade 5 Singing with Merit; Ella Gracie (Year 9), Grade 1 Clarinet with Distinction; Clova Angus (Year 10), Grade 4 Singing with Merit; Zac Kunwar (Year 10), Grade 4 Violin with Merit; James Mackenzie-Page (Year 10), Grade 1 Piano with Distinction; Cecilia Chen (Year 10), Grade 6 Piano with Distinction; Duncan Bouchard (Year 11), Grade 6 Saxophone with Distinction; Angus Driscoll (Year 11), Grade 6 Singing; Tomas Badia (Year 11), Grade 4 Piano with Merit; Josef Nammura (Year 12), Grade 1 Drum Kit with Merit; Finlay Skinner (Year 12), Grade 3 Saxophone.

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