21.11.17 : A Monk's Tale

Students in Years 7-9 were treated to a special performance of ‘A Monk’s Tale – Relics, Revolt and Reformation’ on Monday, 20 November, when the touring cast of award-winning television and radio comedy writer James Cary’s play visited St Leonards.

Mr Cary has written for a number of popular radio and television series, including the BBC sitcom, Miranda.

We were just one of a select few schools to welcome the three-strong cast, who performed to an engaged young audience in the Main School Hall.

The show, which follows the life of the theologian and Protestant reformer, Martin Luther, through music and comedy, has been travelling the country since August, when it played to sell-out audiences at the Fringe in Edinburgh.

The students enjoyed learning about the medieval mindset and what Martin Luther was trying to do with his 95 Theses, which sparked off the Reformation.

The play tied in perfectly with what pupils in Year 7 have been learning about in their ‘Individuals and Societies’ Unit of Inquiry this term.

Thank you to the actors and to the RS and Drama departments for organising such an entertaining and educational afternoon of theatre!

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